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Singing Bowls: Buying Tips


Singing bowls have a long history. They are believed to have originated from Tibet around four millenniums ago. Why is the writer writing about these singing bowls? It has been proven that mind and body are intensely affected by the vibration and sound of singing bowls. Their music is known to relax and ease the mind and body. This helps one to concentrate deeper within him or herself. This is achieved by massaging the body through the singing bowl's vibration and sound. You will find very many types of these bowls where some are made of five and others seven metals. You will also find some of them which are made of three metals. In other words, none of the healing bowls is the same.


The daunting question comes when one is buying a singing bowl. Lots of considerations come to play. You have to have basic facts for you to choose the right one. Piece give you tips which you are supposed to consider.


Always start by giving yourself sufficient time to analyze bowls so as to find a good one which you need.  You obviously know that singing bowls are known for their healing ability because they are used to heal your mind and body. They also aid to aid in meditation.


Second, in case you are in brick and mortar house, you can test the sound by striking the bowl using a stick. These bowls are played with a thick wooden stick which is covered with soft leather on one end.


How do you select the best store to buy from? This is obviously an essential part. You have to rely on a dealer who has original Silver Sky Imports. He must have a variety of products ranging all the way from the most expensive to the cheapest. Besides this, it will be a plus if he has been in the same field of business for quite some time.


For instance, in case you are doing online buying, it is very necessary for you to check if the site has audio clips of the bowls which are on sale. Best stores from http://www.silverskyimports.com always provide you with samples to check on quality. Through this, you will be in a position to find the one which you desire according to the pitch which it produces. Finally and most importantly, you have to check whether the bowl is handmade or machine made. Handmade are better because of their beauty and uniqueness than machine made which are just duplicate of one to another.